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Former UNLV Star Invents Blackjack Game

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Bobby Florence has reinvented himself again, this time as the inventor of a new blackjack game. Florence was a star basketball player at UNLV and ranks 11th on the team’s list of career scoring leaders. After his college days, Florence made money as a blackjack dealer at the Gold Coast casino.

As a dealer, Florence saw that most players lose money playing the game (due to the house edge). Prompted by a second chance at life after surviving a massive stroke, Florence decided to create a more player-friendly game of blackjack that will appeal to players. “With my game, I feel players have a better chance,” he said. No house edge or other statistics were provided for Florence’s game.

Florence’s game is called Royal 20’s and you can find it at two different blackjack tables at the Gold Coast Casino. Florence created the game in 2010 and says that it is similar to combining blackjack with poker, where you can win even with bad hands. Florence compared it to being able to “win hands on the river” in poker.

After the player makes the first wager, they can then make a side bet ranging from $1 to $25. That bet is based solely on probability of drawing cards and pays out for player cards and dealer cards. The lowest payout for the side bet is a 5:1 payout if either the dealer or the player has a Royal 20. A Royal 20 is a hand that uses a combination of face cards (jack, queen, king) to make a total of 20. There is a 10:1 payout if either the player or dealer has Matching 20’s. That is a hand comprised of two face cards of the same suit, such as king of hearts and a queen of hearts.

The two big payouts require something of both the dealer and player. There is a 50:1 payout if both the dealer and player have a Royal 20. If both have Matching 20’s, there is a 100:1 payout.

So far, the game is only available at that one Las Vegas casino, but it has only been there for two months. In time, if the game is popular and/or popular, it could start appearing at other casinos across Vegas and the rest of the country.