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Play Blackjack Online at

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

If you are looking for advice and want to venture away from this website, you can learn to play blackjack online at The website is dedicated to more than blackjack, with a tips and guides for other casino games, a blog, and reviews of online casinos. Still, the blackjack section is thorough and well worth a look.’s blackjack page starts out with a brief history of the game and a description of the basic rules. It lists the different blackjack games that you can find as well as how the house edge changes in the different games and by variations in the rules.

One of the most important parts of the website is the breakdown of blackjack rules and strategy. It’s not as in-depth as you will find here, but well worth a look if you want the basics. describes the difference between the blackjack variations, how the rules affect your play, and how they change the house edge.

For players new to blackjack, has a tutorial on how to setup an online blackjack game and how to play. This simple tutorial takes you through a process that is usually skipped but is beneficial to new blackjack players who have limited computer gaming experience. The tutorial takes you through how to execute the blackjack moves on the online version of the games, using Realtime Gaming software as an example.

Once you have learned the objective and rules of online blackjack, also offers tips and strategy for how to lower the house edge and have the best odds of winning. Combine that with a guide of the best online casinos to visit for blackjack games and you have a quality guide for newcomers.