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iPhone App Teaches Blackjack Card Counting

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Not long ago I wrote about a blackjack app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and all of those other mobile devices that teaches basic strategy. That is a great blackjack app because you need to know basic strategy to be successful at blackjack. Without following basic strategy, you might as well just throw your money down a drain. If you want to do that, instead of throwing it away, I’ll give you my address and you can send it to me.

For some players, though, basic strategy is only part of what they use when playing blackjack. Many players like to count cards so they know whether or not the deck is rich in tens. When it has a lot of high cards, the deck favors the player and they will increase the bet. There are many different card counting systems, but the most common is the hi-lo system.
While the hi-lo card counting system isn’t very complicated, especially in its simplest forms, some people find it difficult to learn. Visual aids can certainly help. That is why the new blackjack app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is such a great application.

The Apple app of which I speak is called the Perfect Play Blackjack Card Counter and it is available in the iTunes Apple app store. The blackjack app was developed by a man named Daniel Aisen and according to the product description, it was developed for a student project at Stanford University for their iPhone Application Programming class (yes, that is really a class at Stanford).

In the Perfect Play Blackjack Card Counter app, you play blackjack and are given a counting guide that helps you while you play. The blackjack app “tracks all aspects of a blackjack game including player cards, dealer cards, and other cards used at the table” and then uses that information to calculate the best play in your situation. The blackjack app will let you play for fun on your iPhone, with the computer drawing cards, or you can use it in a real setting and simply input the results of each drawing as you go.

I must stress, though, that this is only for practice. Using this app or any blackjack app to count cards while playing at a casino is illegal. If you are caught doing it, you will be arrested and banned from the casino. And, of course, all of your winnings will be confiscated as ill-gotten gain.

The Perfect Play Blackjack Card Counter app is available at the iTunes app store and sells for $9.99. It will work on any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Blackjack Variations: Quick Seven

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The thing about blackjack is that there are countless little tweaks you can make to the game to make a variant. Some are minor while others are big enough that it creates an entirely new game, such as pontoon or Spanish 21. There is a new blackjack variation that I have just read about called Quick Seven and it may soon be coming to a casino near you.

Quick Seven is the brainchild of a man named Larry Cockrell, who came up with the idea for this blackjack variation back when he drove concrete trucks for a living. Since then he has created a company called Innovate Gaming and is marketing Quick Seven.

Quick Seven is already available in some brick and mortar casinos, such as Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Iowa. It is also available as an iPhone app. There is not yet an online casino license for the blackjack variation, so online blackjack fans cannot yet play it online.

Since I don’t have an iPhone and you can’t play it online, I have not yet played this game, so I don’t know everything about it. I will tell you what I do know, though. Quick seven is a game where instead of trying to outdraw the dealer without going over 21, you can’t go over 7. With the lower number, one change in the game is how the cards are counted.

In a press release, Cockrell said that in blackjack, the most exciting part is when you draw a natural blackjack (10 and ace). That only happens, on average, once every 20 hands. “In Quick Seven,” he said, “the most exciting thing happens once every 13 hands or so, which is 53.8% more often than in blackjack.”

He seems to be talking about drawing a 2-card seven, which could be a 6 and ace, 5 and 2, or 4 and 3. Then again, the card values are different in this game, so that may not be the case. As with 21 in blackjack, drawing over a 7 in this game busts you. The game also has different rules for hitting, doubling, and standing, among other things.

The most exciting rule in Quick Seven that differentiates it from blackjack, though, seems to be the discard option. In Quick Seven, you have the option of discarding one of the cards in your hand if you have a bad card. I believe you can only discard once per hand and I’m not sure if you can do it if drawing a card busts you, but being able to discard opens up more options and gives players more control over the outcome of the hand.

I haven’t been able to play Quick Seven yet, but I am hoping I’ll find it at an online casino soon. Cockrell seems to think it’s only a matter of time before this variation takes the blackjack world by storm. If he’s right, then you heard about it here first… unless you already read about it somewhere else.

New Android Blackjack Application

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Okay, so I don’t know a whole lot about tablet computers and 3G and 4G smartphones, but my understanding of it is that basically the market is dominated by Apple’s iPhone and iPad and the products running the Android operating system.

Earlier I reported on a cool new iPhone and iPad app that allows you to play blackjack and learn basic strategy. Now there is a free blackjack app for the Android system as well. The game is called Real Blackjack and can be found at the Android Market.

The Real Blackjack app is free to download and has a built-in tutorial for players who are unfamiliar with the game of blackjack or don’t know how it would translate to their mobile device. For novice players, it will give hints as you play the game, which is a good way to learn blackjack basic strategy. Another way to learn is to print and memorize blackjack cards.

The Real Blackjack Android app can only be played using fake money, so you cannot win anything by playing. However, it is a fun game to play in your free time or as practice. The Real Blackjack app uses advanced touch-screen technology to make the game as close to the actual experience of playing at a blackjack table as possible.

Once you have played enough free games on the Android blackjack app, you may decide to visit your favorite online casino and wager some real money. Pure Vegas is a good place to start.

iPhone App for Blackjack Strategy

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Need to learn blackjack basic strategy? There’s an app for that. Yes, folks, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you are a few clicks away from having an interactive blackjack strategy tool at your fingertips. While many of us learned basic strategy the hard way, by studying printed cards, technology is making it easier to learn. It’s also making things more interactive.

There are websites that offer interactive strategy games that grade you as you make decisions, letting you know whether you are following proper basic strategy. There is now a new iPhone application that does basically the same thing.

Some computer genius named Jason Zhang made an iPhone app that teaches you blackjack basic strategy and it can be found at the Apple app store. The application trains you on both Las Vegas Strip rules and Atlantic City rules for blackjack.

The iPhone blackjack app includes full basic strategy charts, listings of the rules, and an interactive feature. With the interactive feature, you can play free blackjack games to test your understanding of basic strategy.

One cool thing about the interactive part of the iPhone app is how it uses the touch screen. Instead of pushing buttons, everything is controlled as if you were actually at a blackjack table. You slide your finger across the table to indicate that you want to stand, tap the table to hit, and push more chips into the betting circle to double down.

This is a really cool app and if I had an iPhone I could consider getting it, even though I have basic strategy memorized. Once you get basic strategy down, you should visit one of the many iPhone casinos to play some online blackjack on your phone.

The blackjack strategy app is called Blackjack aka 21 Trainer and it is available at Apple’s Apps Store and sells for $0.99.