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Blackjack Basic Strategy Reduces House Edge

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Of all of the casino games, blackjack has the best odds for the player. It is the one game where the player can develop enough skill to consistently win money from the house. The other strategy-based game that can be profitable is poker, but in that case you’re winning money from other poker players rather than the casino.

Over the last couple months, there has been news all over Google about a man named Don Johnson (not the actor) making $15 million from the Tropicana Casino. We covered Johnson’s story here as well. Though Johnson says he did not count cards, many don’t believe him. He says he used good strategy and was lucky.

At the very least, he was using blackjack basic strategy. Using basic strategy, you can reduce the house edge to only 0.5%. That means that for every $200 you wager on blackjack, over the long run the casino would only take $1 and you would keep the rest. Because hot and cold streaks can happen, that average won’t always hold true for the short term. That’s how you can have sessions where you win (or lose) a lot of money. Don Johnson says he won $15 million at the Tropicana because a lucky streak combined with his good strategy. While that is certainly not common, it can happen.

You’re not going to see anything on Google about professional slot or roulette players continuously taking casinos for big bucks. It doesn’t happen. Sure, people get lucky sometimes and win big money on those games, but not consistently. Plus, there are no professionals at the other games. It’s just another example of why blackjack is the best game out there (with the possible exception of poker).