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Chilean miners enjoy blackjack at Florida casino

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Remember the Chilean miners? After the Haitian earthquake and before the riots in Egypt, those miners were the talk of the news, the water coolers and Twitter. After surviving 69 days trapped in the shaft, the rescued miners became celebrities, as everyone wanted to hear of their experience and how they held it together and survived. They have appeared at numerous talk shows, in magazines and other media.

On Friday, February 4, those miners were honored at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Pavilion as part of the “Tribute to Heroes and Miracles” fundraiser. Fifteen of the 33 rescued Chilean miners attended the event in Coconut Creek, Florida. In addition to the miners, two heroes of the shooting at the Bay County School Board, Mike Jones and Ginger Littleton, were honored. Actor and veteran J.R. Martinez and Paralympian Bradley Johnson were also featured in the tribute.

In addition to taking part in the ceremony, those honored in the festivities played blackjack and other casino games and met admiring customers in attendance. Costs of attending the fundraiser were $100 per person and the proceeds went to benefit the United Mine Workers of America, the Miners Aid Fund, the American Cancer Society and Disabled American Veterans.

The Seminole Casino Coconut Creek is a casino in south Florida owned by the Seminole Tribe. The casino features Las Vegas-style slot machines, new blackjack tables (only approved by the state last year) and a popular poker room. It is one of seven casinos owned by the tribe in the state of Florida.