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Playing Blackjack on the iPad

Friday, May 14th, 2010

I’ve written about blackjack apps that are available for the iPad already, but today for the first time I got to actually try one. Someone in the office bought an iPad and was kind enough to let me use it. I have to say that I was happy with the game, though there could certainly be improvements.

I honestly don’t even know the name of the app I was using. I think it was called “Blackjack FHD,” but I’m not sure. The first thing I noticed was the great graphics and animation. The picture looked HD quality and it seemed like I was looking down at a real blackjack table and real cards instead of computer generated imagery.

Along the edge of the table, you find different chip amount that you touch to select. Along that same table edge there are buttons for “deal,” “stand,” “hit,” “double,” and “surrender.” When the cards are dealt, you first see the cards face down at the top of the screen, where the dealer would be. They are then dealt to you one at a time, face up, with accompanying realistic sound effects of cards being slide along the table. The dealer is then given one card face up and a hole card face down.

Playing with perfect blackjack basic strategy, I lost a $35 playing the blackjack iPad app, but it was fake money so I’m not too upset. The gameplay is good in this blackjack app, though I found the ads to be incredibly annoying. While you’re playing, a big box appears on the left side of the screen advertising for something and there’s no way to make it go away.

That complaint aside, it’s a good game and it would be a good way to learn basic strategy, not only by how successful you are, but there is also a “hint” button while you’re playing that will give tell you what basic strategy says to do if you are unsure.

Because you don’t touch your cards in blackjack, there aren’t as many chances to take advantage of the iPad’s innovative touch screen technology (for example, you can’t slide your cards one place or another). However, it would be cool if you placed a bet and doubled by touching your chips and sliding them into the betting circle instead of hitting a “bet” or “double” button.

Of course, other blackjack games may have that feature. This is simply my experience playing one particular iPad blackjack app. Overall, I have to say that it was a good experience and I had fun playing the game and losing fake money. Losing money is always more fun when it’s not real.