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Blackjack Addiction

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

You really can have too much of a good thing. There are people who think otherwise, but they are wrong. In moderation, blackjack can be one of the greatest games in the world. It is a fun game with the perfect mix of skill and chance. With a little strategy, your odds of coming out ahead are really quite good (at least, for a casino game).

Some people take it too far, though. Maybe they play too often. Maybe they play too long. Maybe their wagers are too big. Maybe they spend money trying to chase their losses. Make they take out a line of credit and bet with money they can’t afford to lose. All of those are symptoms of problem gambling, which is the #1 problem in the gambling industry, just as alcoholism is the biggest problem in the alcohol and bar industries.

Problem gamblers can lose a lot of money playing black jack online. Even if they create a plan enabling them to be responsible, they usually break those plans. If the person was able to control the addiction, it wouldn’t be an addiction. There are different levels of problem gambling, from those who spend more money than they wanted to those who lose their house, job and family because of addiction. People suffering from any of the different kinds of problem gambling can get help from Gamblers Anonymous. The group, which has a website at, is dedicated to helping problem gamblers meet support groups, helping them get the information they need, and giving them individual counseling through web chat, a phone call, or another medium.