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Spin3, Microgaming Launch Blackjack iPhone App

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Need to play some online blackjack while you’re on the go? There’s an app for that…Now.

Spin3 and Microgaming, which partnered up last year to much fanfare among the nerdy people who actually have heard of those companies and know what they do, have released a new blackjack game for the Apple App Store.

The game is cleverly titled 21 Blackjack Party, because I know the first thing I think of when I’m at a party is taking out my phone and playing a game. The game is the first foray into the world of Apple applications for either company. For those not in the know, Spin3 is a mobile gaming solutions provider and Microgaming is a designer of online gambling games for casinos. The two companies inked a deal together for exactly this purpose: to take advantage of the wide open market of gambling games for mobile phones.

Apple Applications for the iPhone are big business right now. The iPhone apps market right now has over 100,000 applications and those apps have been downloaded more than 3 billion times. Bringing online blackjack to the iPhone only makes sense, as the iPhone continues to dominate the market of smartphones.

21 Blackjack Party is free to download and has gameplay that is specifically designed to take advantage of the iPhone’s features, with its trademark touch-screen tap and slide movements and more. The game also adds an interactive element not often found with online blackjack. The game has a live scoreboard that is constantly updated. Your scores are automatically sent to that scoreboard as you play and you and others can keep track of how well you do in comparison to everyone else. That should make the game more competitive than usual, with players trying to beat each other’s scores.

Spin3 is not content with getting into the dominant iPhone app market, though. Matti Zinder, the head of Spin3, stated that he has plans to go after the Android market as well. The great game of blackjack is only become more and more accessible. Sometimes technology is good.

New Chipless Blackjack Game at CA Casino

Friday, February 5th, 2010

If you walk into Barona Resort & Casino in sunny San Diego, California, you may notice something odd about the blackjack tables. There are no chips. The casino has added new electronic i-Tables (no word on if Apple plans to sue over that name).

To speed up the game and give the players instant verification, the wagers are done electronically at the blackjack i-Tables. The game still has a live dealer and physical cards are still dealt by the players, but instead of the players placing chips in the betting circle and having them taken or being given more chips by the dealer, it is all done electronically on a touch screen (no word on whether their touch-screen device is cooler than the iPad).

By using the electronic transfers instead of chips, players can more easily track how much money they have any how much they win or lose on each hand. Also, the touch screen allows for various side bets. One popular side bet is the “odds bet,” where players wager on the probability of winning or losing that round. Once the players are dealt their hands, they consider their chances and simply place the odds bet on the electronic device. Other side bets include “Bet the Set 21” and “Royal Match 21.”

Because the game moves faster without having to wait for the dealer to collect and hand out chips, the more rounds are played at the table than at traditional tables. For that reason, the game allows for lower minimum bets than traditional tables.

Though the chipless i-Tables are new for blackjack at the Barona Resort, they already offered i-Tables for roulette and baccarat. In addition, the casino has 75 traditional table games, including blackjack. The chipless i-Tables were designed by Shuffle Master, a gambling hardware designer based in Las Vegas.