Why I Love Blackjack Tournaments

One of the great things about online casinos, rather than the brick and mortar variety, is that they offer blackjack tournaments. Now, a lot of online casinos don’t offer tournaments for blackjack, but for those that do, it’s an opportunity I can’t resist.

There are two main appeals of playing blackjack in a tournament rather than the normal way. The first is that it is cheaper and almost devoid of risk. With regular blackjack, you pay for each wager and on every hand you risk some of your money. That means you can win money, but you’re also facing the possibility of the house taking it from you. With blackjack tournaments, you normally only pay an entry fee and after that, the wagers are using points that were awarded to you simply for joining.

The other great thing about blackjack tournaments is that the gameplay is different. It is more competitive, for one thing. Instead of a bunch of players competing against the dealer, with no one really caring how well the other players do, everyone is against each other. If another players is winning a lot, that puts more pressure on you as you fall behind on the leader board. The competitive nature of blackjack tournaments make them more exciting and dramatic. Also, some online casinos have head-to-head blackjack tournaments. In that type of tournament, instead of a player against a dealer, two players compete directly against each other. There is no dealer, so there’s no house edge. Both players have the same rules and can strategize accordingly. Because of the different rules, different strategy is needed, which also provides a new challenge for those who have basic strategy memorized.

I don’t play tournaments all the time because that’s not where the good money is. However, for a different type of game with less risk, playing in an occasional blackjack tournament can’t be beat.

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