Online Blackjack Advantages: Clean Air

I have written a lot about the advantages of online blackjack over playing at a brick and mortar casino. There is one advantage, though, that did not occur to me until I read about the dealers suing Wynn Casino.

Some blackjack dealers at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas have filed a lawsuit, which actually dates back to October 2009, arguing that dealer Kanie Kastroll was exposed to second-hand smoke as the result of the casino failing to provide a safe and smoke-free environment.

The truth is that many casinos have signs and rules that prohibit smoking on the casino floor. However, those rules go largely ignored. Let me put it this way. If a high roller is puffing away on a cigar while he bets hundreds of dollars on each hand, do you think a casino employee is going to ask him to stop smoking? No, they will do anything in their power to keep him happy and keep him playing.

Some players find the smoke annoying and as the lawsuit indicates, many dealers also find it annoying or, worse yet, unsafe. If you play blackjack at a brick and mortar casino and are annoyed by a smoker at your table, you can always move to another table, but why should you have to? Plus, what if a smoker goes to that table or if there are no empty tables far enough away from smokers?

If you play your blackjack online then you don’t have to worry about that, unless a family member smokes. If so, then that’s something you need to deal with anyway. You might want to tell them that it bothers you. In any case, when you play online blackjack, you can control the environment because the environment is your home. You can make sure it is smoke free or if you are a smoker, you can smoke as much as you want without getting dirty looks! You can also control the air temperature, how dark the room is, how loud the games are and more. You can also choose the music you listen to while you play, which is a benefit because some casinos have terrible music.

So that is just another thing to keep in mind. There are some things that online casinos cannot duplicate, but in other ways the online version is better. Getting to control your environment is one of those ways.


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