Online Blackjack Advantage: No Tipping

As I have said before, there are many advantages to playing online blackjack rather than playing at a brick and mortar casino. For one thing, you don’t need to travel to an online casino, pay for lodging or food. There are no hookers or drug dealers trying to talk you out of your money (well, probably not, depending on where you live).

Another advantage of playing online blackjack is that at an online casino, there is no dealer. Why is that an advantage? It is for a few reasons. First of all, even though it’s irrational, new blackjack players are often intimidated by a dealer, especially when it seems that they’re trying to speed up the game. They feel rushed and pressured into making a quick decision, which can lead to mistakes. When playing at an online casino, you can take as much time as you want, pull out your blackjack card, study it, call a friend to ask for advice, take a nap, and then decide to take a hit. It doesn’t matter because there is no dealer waiting for you, nor are there other players at the table.

Another reason that playing online blackjack is better is because no dealer means that you don’t have to tip. You may not know this, but you are expected to tip at a blackjack table at a brick and mortar casino, especially if you’re having a hot streak. If you didn’t know this, then you were probably right when you thought the dealer was unhappy with you. How much you should tip depends on who you ask – mostly it’s personal preference – but you tip more if you’re betting more and in the end, tipping can increase the house edge.

With online blackjack, however, there is no dealer, so even if you wanted to tip, there’s no one to give it to. I’m sure if you contacted customer service and told them that since you made a lot of money you want to give some to the casino, they would probably laugh and assume it was a prank. When you play at an online casino, there is no tipping, which means you hold on to more of your winnings. In a land-based casino, even if you only tip in one out of every 100 hands, that adds 1% to the house edge. By playing online blackjack, you get to keep that 1% (or more).

Therefore, if you are new to the blackjack game, don’t have a whole lot of disposable income, or simply don’t like tipping, playing online is the better way to go. Online blackjack is easier, less stressful and it saves you money.

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