iPhone App for Blackjack Strategy

Need to learn blackjack basic strategy? There’s an app for that. Yes, folks, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you are a few clicks away from having an interactive blackjack strategy tool at your fingertips. While many of us learned basic strategy the hard way, by studying printed cards, technology is making it easier to learn. It’s also making things more interactive.

There are websites that offer interactive strategy games that grade you as you make decisions, letting you know whether you are following proper basic strategy. There is now a new iPhone application that does basically the same thing.

Some computer genius named Jason Zhang made an iPhone app that teaches you blackjack basic strategy and it can be found at the Apple app store. The application trains you on both Las Vegas Strip rules and Atlantic City rules for blackjack.

The iPhone blackjack app includes full basic strategy charts, listings of the rules, and an interactive feature. With the interactive feature, you can play free blackjack games to test your understanding of basic strategy.

One cool thing about the interactive part of the iPhone app is how it uses the touch screen. Instead of pushing buttons, everything is controlled as if you were actually at a blackjack table. You slide your finger across the table to indicate that you want to stand, tap the table to hit, and push more chips into the betting circle to double down.

This is a really cool app and if I had an iPhone I could consider getting it, even though I have basic strategy memorized. Once you get basic strategy down, you should visit one of the many iPhone casinos to play some online blackjack on your phone.

The blackjack strategy app is called Blackjack aka 21 Trainer and it is available at Apple’s Apps Store and sells for $0.99.

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