Blackjack Variations: Double Attack Blackjack

Similar to Spanish 21, double attack blackjack is a blackjack variation that is popular in casinos found in Atlantic City, New Jersey, though it can also be found online. In this variation, blackjacks only pay even money, rather than 3:2, but there are some rules that are beneficial to the player as well.

The major difference in the game is that in double attack blackjack, players are able to double their wager after seeing the dealer’s up card. With traditional blackjack, if you double you only get one more card, but with double attack blackjack, the first card dealt is the dealer’s up card. Based on that, you decide whether or not you want to double your bet. If you do, you can take as many cards as you want, but you cannot double again. After the players decide whether or not to double, the players are dealt two cards each and the dealer takes a hole card.

There is also a side bet in this game on whether or not the dealer will bust on the third card. This side bet is called BustIt and is made before you see the dealer’s up card, though, so it is a completely blind bet. If you bet that the dealer will bust on the third card and he does, your payout is different depending on what that third card was. If the third card was a 10, it pays 3:1. If the third card is a nine, it pays 6:1. If the third card was an eight, it pays 8:1. If the third card is a seven, it pays 10:1, and finally, the best deal of all happens if the third card is a six, because that pays out a whopping 15 to 1!

Because the game is played differently, the basic strategy for double attack blackjack is different than from traditional blackjack. The house edge for double attack blackjack is higher than in the traditional game. With most rules, the house edge is 0.62%, compared to 0.5% with traditional blackjack.

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