Casino Robbed in Switzerland

So you’re at the blackjack table making some money, having a good time. You’re not bothering anybody and nobody’s bothering you. The whole table is enjoying themselves when all of the sudden your blackjack game is interrupted by 10 men armed with machine guns.

It can happen. It did happen this week at a casino in Switzerland. Early Sunday morning then men arrived dressed in black clothes and ski masks, split into groups and raided the Grand Casino Basel. They were unable to break into the vault, but one group did rob the cashiers of unsecured money. Meanwhile, another group raided the blackjack and roulette tables, taking money from the dealers and players.

As the thieves were leaving the casino, a woman unknowingly parked in front of the getaway car. The robbers then shot into her car, dragged her out and beat her. The thieves then are believed to have escaped into bordering France. Aside from the woman pulled from the car, there were no serious injuries reported, though several casino patrons were reportedly hit or kicked during the robbery.

It was a horrific experience for those involved and the type everyone would like to avoid. That is why I have pointed out before that safety is another benefit of playing online blackjack rather than visiting a brick and mortar casino. Though casinos are generally considered safe, incidents like this have been known to happen. Though they may not get robbed as often as a gas station or a jewelry store, casinos are obvious targets for crimes like these because of the large amount of money involved.

I would never say that it’s unsafe to visit a brick and mortar casino, but I do think if you’re worried about such a thing, you may be better off playing at home. Sure, home invasions happen as well, but if it happens it won’t be a result of playing blackjack. Therefore, playing blackjack is safer online.

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