New Book Promises to Help You Beat Blackjack

Well, if you’ve been wondering how to beat the house at blackjack, you need look no further, claims Dr. Kevin Whitburn. The good doctor has released a new e-book called The MOST Strategy and it promises to give the player an edge of 1% to 6%. That’s right. He claims that his strategy leads to a 1-6% player advantage rather than a house edge.

In a press release, Dr. Whitburn claims to have spent years devising his new strategy, which does not involve counting cards. It is about playing in a way “that allows you to know when to leave the table with a statistical advantage.” He also says that his technique is done “without any deception at all.” I guess that is supposed to mean that the casinos will have no problem with you using this strategy and cleaning them out.

Whitburn doesn’t explain exactly what his method entails, because if he did you wouldn’t need to buy the book, but he says it involves varying your bankroll so that it’s “in harmony” and that when you’re in harmony, “you’ll know when it’s time to go.” When it’s time to leave, you need only leave that table and can go to another table and start playing right away.

Whitburn admits that it’s difficult to impossible to prove whether his system actually works in casino play due to the large number of variables (including chance), but he insists that the math checks out. If you go to Dr. Whitburn’s website, which is named after his strategy, you can buy his e-book for a low price of $150. That’s a small investment for the money you will soon be making at the casino, right?

I have not read The MOST Strategy, so I can’t attest to what’s in it, but I will say this: When something seems too good to be true, it usually is not true. As soon as gambling was invented, there were con artists going around selling secrets to winning and beating the casinos. Most people selling secret gambling strategies are nothing but snake oil salesman. I don’t know if Dr. Whitburn is, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I can find no independent information on Dr. Whitburn, but he claims his education is in chemistry and he has been an “occasional blackjack player at Connecticut and Florida casinos.” It sounds like Dr. Whitburn is selling nothing more than a betting system and I have yet to find a betting system that works. He claims that by using his strategy you will know when to leave a table, but due to the random nature of the drawing of cards, each hand is independent of the last and any streaks that you’re on are just luck.

That is, of course, unless you’re counting cards. By counting cards you can tell when the deck is rich in tens and when it is, the odds are tilted toward the player. However, Dr. Whitburn’s strategy does not involve counting cards. Instead, he says “you count the chips in front of you.” So again, it seems like a simple betting system – one that is being sold for $150.

I cannot say with certainty that Dr. Whitburn’s system does not deliver on his promises, but the fact is that even in his own press release he admits that he cannot say with certainty that it does. I caution all of my readers to avoid betting systems and any secret strategies that are for sale. Instead, stick to basic strategy, which can lower the house edge to 0.5%, and you can even tilt the odds in your favor by counting cards in addition to basic strategy.

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4 Responses to “New Book Promises to Help You Beat Blackjack”

  1. Gretta Ganner says:

    Is the book been released in the market already? can’t wait to get one.

  2. Unfortunately, you and other bloggers, are not taking my advice at the end of my recent press release, and getting the details of my playing system from my website, Too much of your misunderstanding comes from using the press release as a sole source, rather than as a conduit to the website. I would advise you to read the Overview link in the nav bar, which gives infinitely more detail to enable you to understand the scientific basis of this playing system. Two chapters are available for free to better introduce you to what MOST is all about. And as for confirmation of my credentials as a scientist, try googling my name and see how many of my publications in the scientific literature pop up. (I’m not the gay KW who was harassed in the UK).
    Fortunately, your inability to understand it does not negate that fact that it does offer a positive player’s advantage in an entirely new way. Most people don’t understand how sending electrons down a wire creates a television image at the other end, but no one doubts that it works.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Dr. Whitburn,

    I did view your website before writing the blog and stand by my story. If you would like to prove me wrong, instead of offering two chapters, why not let me have the entire book for free? I can then take it to a casino for testing and let the world know the results.

  4. Hi Jeremy:
    I can arrange for you to see a courtesy copy of my book. In it you will see that it not a simple betting system, but an entirely new playing system having three primary components. It borrows Basic Strategy, which brings the player’s advantage just 0.5% shy of break-even with the house. From this base, it achieves the critical cross-over to provide the player’s advantage through a system of tactical exits from the table, triggered by mathematically determined pre-sets in the player’s bankroll. This advantage is then optimized through a coordinated bet-boosting scheme. The size of the player’s master bankroll is also optimized using methods borrowed from the world of finance.
    The source of the exit pre-sets is the fundamental imbalance in the rules-of-play in BJ, between the player and the dealer. Specifically, by following my prescribed methodical style of play, there exists a short-term asymmetry in the player’s bankroll distribution, which is exploited by the optimized choice of the exit pre-sets. This aspect of the game is not intuitive, and has only been revealed through my careful scientific analysis of the bankroll in actual game play.
    My detailed research on actual game play has also shown that there is no measurable winning advantage attributable to conventional card counting in play using multi-deck shoes with substantial cut-offs, or using auto-shuffle machines. While counting does not provide a usable advantage in gaming the card flow, my research shows that it does provide an important random boosting of the betting. This latter aspect has been integrated into my strategy, without the need to count cards.
    If you would like to contact me at [email protected], we can arrange for you to get a courtesy copy of the MOST Strategy to review. I explain in my book why a single session at the casino may not be sufficient for you to reliably field test my system….and that goes either way, even if you have a good win with it. Also, as I mentioned in my last response to your comments, the system is validated mathematically.