Blackjack Bowl III at Rushmore Casino

The Super Bowl may be long over, which you wouldn’t be able to tell by the amount of partying still going on in New Orleans, but there are still some big tournaments out there. For online blackjack players, one of the big ones is the Blackjack Bowl.

The Blackjack Bowl III final round takes place tomorrow, February 17, at Rushmore Casino. The tournament has been going on for two months, with players competing to advance through the qualifying rounds for a chance to sit at the table for the final. Well, the virtual table I mean.

The Blackjack Bowl III Final has a prize pool of $21,000. Prizes are awarded to the top 12 players in the final round, with the winner earning $7,000. Players who finished highly enough in the weekly and monthly qualifiers earned an automatic spot in the Final. However, if you didn’t play your way in, either because you didn’t win enough or because you didn’t even know about the tournament, you can still compete in the Final. The buy-in for players who didn’t automatically qualify is $250. That’s a pretty steep price, but for $21,000 in prize money it’s not that bad.

If you want to play some online blackjack but can’t afford to pay your way into that tournament, luckily Rushmore Casino has lots of other blackjack games. And if you need to take a break from blackjack (which I can’t understand, but some people do) then you can also play their online slots, poker, roulette, craps and more.  New members to the casino get an $888 deposit bonus for joining.

To take part in the exciting action of Blackjack Bowl III, visit Rushmore Casino before it’s too late. Also, now that I think of it, the partying going on in New Orleans now is probably for Mardi Gras. Never mind the earlier comment.

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