Phil Ivey in WSOP 2014, What Happened?

Both Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth are both well-known poker players. Players of online blackjack no doubt will have a clue as to who they are. Recent News reports claimed that the two are currently enjoying great success at the World Series Poker of 2014. However, one more well-known player, Phil Ivey has obviously not been seen from the poker headlines. Many are questioning what happening to him. Apparently, nobody knows where he is since he just cashed once back on June 3rd.  After he completed the $1500 Pot Limit Hold ’Em on the 22nd spot, he simply disappeared.  He got $5030 on the event. Experts claimed that the 9-times WSOP bracelet winner may be just gaining momentum. Players fond of online blackjack surely would understand what this means.

Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth are both great winners and they know it. They were very confident even prior to the game that they offered higher sums of money in betting that one of them would be holding a title before the 45th Annual World Series of Poker happening at the end of May. Their confidence is quite misplaced considering how difficult of a feat winning is. They still have a lot to prove and their success has yet to take off.

Having said that, this does not mean Negreanu does not have a chance of winning. In fact, he had come close to winning several times and many are sure he will attain a title soon enough. He cashed a total of seven times this year, and even got the runner-up position at the No Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball. Negreanu took home $10,000 for that win. Phil Hellmuth is equally good. So far, he had demonstrated good thinking and performance at WSOP 14. He did a total of 5 cash in. Hellmuth even got a runner-up finish at the game of Seven card razz. He got $1500 for that. What the online blackjack players however are interested in now is Phil Ivey’s performance. It remains to be seen what surprises he has in store for the online gaming world.

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