Casino Operator Announced its Deadlier Sin to Resist Betsafe’s New Video Slots Online

The month of November will witness irresistible fun at Betsafe online casino with its roster of new video slot games. The Internet betting site premiers its newest promotions along with the updated portfolio, casino sources revealed. Betsafe has continuously made innovative moves to retain its position in the bookmaking industry from new and fresh games to huge bonuses and cash prizes. Registered punters are invited to take part in the Seven Deadly Sins video slot game with the most enticing promotions for the month. Every week throughout November, punters will be drawn to the irresistible choices of the seven deadly sins. Players will choose one sin per week until they get to the top of the leader board.

Reviews and updates regarding this captivating treat have been provided at sites such as vpgenius. Betsafe is not just for classic casino features such as poker and blackjack since it is updating its video slot games every now and then. For the newest title in their collection, Betsafe is promising free spins giveaways and reload bonuses for the lucky punters. It is quite easy to boost player’s account this November with minimal deposits required. Deposits are likewise requirements to get the 100% reload bonus which is up to 107 Euros worth of extra credits. The November Weekend Tournament at Betsafe also has a current cash prize pool of a whopping 7,777 Euros. There are live table games at the site for all virtual players and punters.

Betsafe is also proud of its newest offers for table games such as a Blackjack Table bonus card. This online gaming campaign for Betsafe is the site’s aggressive move to achieve a new milestone for the biggest and huge rewards up for grabs. A total of 7 percent cash back will be given away to lucky punters who will play the Playboy video slot game created by Microgaming. This is equivalent to up to 250 Euros on top of the other Seven Deadly Sins gaming tournament. Betsafe sources told reporters for the second week of November, the sin of Gluttony is up for grabs which will continue until the end of 2013.

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