Large Crowd Seeks Blackjack Jobs

It is a sign of the times. The American economy is in shambles. People are out of work and there is still competition for all jobs that emerge. That is why people are so eager for new casinos to arrive in town. New casinos mean new jobs. According to an article on Bing News, a soon-to-open casino in Maine has attracted quite a crowd in its first job fair.

On Saturday, the weather in Oxford, Maine was bad. It was cold and wet, but the hard rain didn’t keep unemployed residents away. Oxford Casino, coming soon to the area, held its first job fair, looking to fill 50 blackjack dealer jobs. A crowd of more than 500 people arrived to apply for the positions. Scott Smith, a spokesman for the casino, said that their goal was to get a pool of at least 100 people for the positions. With over 500 applicants, you have to like their chances (the casino’s, not the applicants, which are not good).

There is a rigorous application process for blackjack dealers. Of the 500 at the job fair, many were eliminated by a math test. The written math test is used to weed out those who don’t have the math skills to be good dealers. Those who didn’t pass were then directed to other available positions at the casino. Everyone who passed the math test became a formal applicant. Those applicants were then interviewed and those that the casino liked will have to attend and graduate an eight-week dealer school.

The casino, run by Black Bear Development, is scheduled to open sometime this summer, with no exact date set yet. Sources say that most of the job fair attendees were middle-aged and there were more men than women.

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