Blackjack Practice

Practice makes perfect. We all know that saying. It is used to describe the necessity of practice for anything from hobbies to sports to your career. Pretty much anything you do you can do better if you put in some practice. That is true for blackjack as well.

Everyone knows that blackjack is a game where you can win some money. It has a low house edge and by employing blackjack basic strategy, you stand a pretty good chance of coming out ahead. If you don’t believe that, Google the name “Don Johnson” (not the actor). He won $15 million in a single month playing blackjack at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City. While his results aren’t typical, it is clear that he is a skilled player. How did he get that skilled? Practice.

Unfortunately, a lot of blackjack players learn basic strategy and then think their training is done. They know the strategy so they’re ready to wager real money and win the big bucks. We recommend that you practice regularly by playing free games, where you can focus on the strategy without caring about the results. It also allows you to practice other things, such as trying out side bets to see if they’re worth your money (hint: they are usually not).

If you play blackjack regularly, practice might not be necessary, but your average player doesn’t play every day or even every week. If you play infrequently, you need to keep your skills sharp. It doesn’t take long for basic strategy to get a little fuzzy or for you to remember something wrong. By practicing with free blackjack in between real money sessions, you can keep your skills sharp and you should do better when you do play for real money.

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