GamCare Helps Problem Gamblers

There are a lot of great things about playing at online casinos as a hobby. It is a fun way to spend your time and unlike most hobbies that only cost money, there is a chance that you can earn money doing it. Since the games have a house edge, you are more likely to lose money than to win, but everyone plays knowing the possibility of raking in big bucks. Websites like provide listings of the best and most reputable online casinos in the industry, giving you the tools you need to play at casinos that are safe.

Unfortunately, regardless of the protections offered by the best online casinos, there is still risk in gambling. One of those risks is developing problem gambling behavior, including gambling addiction. The good news is that there are a lot of resources available to those struggling with gambling problems. One of those resources is GamCare. is a group dedicated to providing “support, information and advice to anyone suffering through a gambling problem,” as stated on their website.

Though it affects a very small portion of gamblers, problem gambling is a very serious issue for those affected. Studies have shown that people with gambling addiction also suffer from other addictions, such as alcoholism and drug addiction. If you have any other type of addiction, it may be a good idea to stay away from casino gambling to be safe. I’m not the expert, though; that is the folks at GamCare.

If you need help, GamCare offers many ways to receive help. They have a phone number you can call between 8:00 a.m. and midnight to speak with a trained counselor. For those who aren’t comfortable talking on the phone, they can use an online chat system or a forum to get help and information.

The goal of GamCare, according to their website, is to “improve the understanding of the social impact of gambling, promote a responsible approach to gambling,” and to “address the needs of those adversely affected by a gambling dependency.”

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