Free Blackjack Tournaments

I love playing in blackjack tournaments. To me, the only thing better than a blackjack tournament is a free blackjack tournament. Unfortunately, a lot of online casinos don’t have tournaments for blackjack, only slots. If you check the best online casinos as rated by us, though, you will find some with tournament play.

The main appeal of blackjack tournaments is that you don’t have to wager your own money. You wager points that are given to you when you join the tournament. If it’s a freeroll tournament, you don’t even need to pay an entry fee. That means you can compete for prize money without paying anything.

Another great thing about blackjack tournaments is the competitive atmosphere. Normally, no matter how many players are at your table, it doesn’t matter because you are only competing against the dealer. If the person next to you beats the dealer also, it doesn’t affect you. With tournaments, though, it all affects you. Other players winning means you need to win more to keep up. That is because the tournaments have a leader board format, where the players who win the most points take home prizes.

In some blackjack tournaments, there is no dealer at all. In head-to-head tournaments, it is you against another player. That takes the competitive play of blackjack to a new level. On each hand, one of you will win and one will lose, unless you both bust or tie.

Though blackjack tournaments are often overlooked by online casinos due to perceived unprofitability, they are an important part of online casino gaming. It takes blackjack to a new level of excitement and allows you to play at little risk. If it’s a free blackjack tournament, there is no risk at all, which makes it even better. Always be on the lookout for those tournaments.

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