Blackjack Dealer Suing Casino Over Trauma

A 32-year-old Australian woman is suing her former employer, Casino Canberra, for negligence. According to the lawsuit, their negligence has caused her to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as the result of an incident with a customer.

The woman, who has not been identified, says that an altercation has left her “shattered” and suicidal. She now suffers from night terrors, where she dreams about someone entering her bedroom and attacking her with a knife.

According to the woman, it all started with an incident that took place in March 2008. On that day, the woman was working as a blackjack dealer when a man grabbed a handful of $100 chips. He then immediately fled the scene and escaped, with no security close enough to stop him.

Prior to employment with the casino, the woman had been diagnosed with depressive bipolar disorder. According to the woman, the robbery incident caused her to develop acute anxiety disorder. She said that she had needed further treatment to ensure that she did not develop post-traumatic stress syndrome.

According to her, though, they instead put her back to work in June 2008. The casino showed evidence that a doctor had deemed her fit to return to work. In June, she went to work inspecting the Pai Gow tables. Then on one day she was inspecting a pit that contained poker tables, pontoon and blackjack. There was an intoxicated man at the pontoon table who became aggressive. The woman asked him not to swear at her, at which point he allegedly threatened her. The man was then escorted from the casino.

According to the woman, the incident, so soon after the robbery, caused her to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Two days after the incident, she was treated for the disorder. The woman says that her night terrors and suicidal thoughts are the result of the casino’s negligence. Under cross-examination, though, she admitted to recreationally using ecstasy, speed and marijuana. The defense alleges that her condition is related to illicit drug use, as evidenced by previous hospital records. The court case is continuing today.

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