Casinos Not Scared of Card Counters

You probably heard about the blackjack player who won $5.8 million at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. If not, that means you didn’t read my blog about it, in which case I’m a little upset with you. Anyway, the one player single-handedly ruined the casino’s month. Some people might be worried that it will lead to more of a crackdown on card counters. I don’t think so. Here’s why.

Casinos aren’t really scared of card counters. Sure, good card counters are capable of taking a lot of money from the casino, but that is generally offset by way more people who not only don’t count cards, but also don’t even use basic strategy. The casino uses bad players to make up for the damage by good players. A good player doing as much damage as the Tropicana blackjack player is extremely rare.

Here’s another thing to think about: Big wins like that actually help the casino. Yes, it’s true. Word is out on that blackjack player winning almost $6 million at the Tropicana. It’s not only all over gambling sources, but the mainstream news as well. You can’t buy that type of publicity. Or maybe you can – for $5.8 million. Right now, tons of blackjack players of varying skill levels are thinking about hitting the Tropicana or their local casino to try and duplicate that player’s success. Novices, who aren’t knowledgeable about the odds, are more likely to be influenced by the press. Therefore, the player’s win is really the best possible advertisement not only for the Tropicana Casino but for casinos everywhere. They will make that money back by bad players losing it to them.

It’s true that casinos don’t appreciate card counting. If they catch you doing it, they will probably ask you to leave. However, occasional big wins like we saw earlier this month actually help the casinos. So don’t expect a crackdown. They’re pretty happy about what happened.

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