Go Casino Blackjack Tournaments

If you don’t have anything better to do this weekend, then I feel sorry for you. Even I will be busy having fun while doing other things. Even if you have other plans, though, you can probably take a little time to get some blackjack in. If you are going to, you might want to check out the blackjack tournament action at Go Casino.

Starting tonight (that would be Friday, May 13) at 8:00 PM and ending at 8:00 at night on Saturday, May 14 is a good blackjack tournament. The tournament is called the Blackjack Pot Percentage. I know it’s not a very clever name, but the name isn’t that important. The tournament has an entry fee of $0.99. For less than a dollar, you are given 50 credits with which to play. If you run out, you don’t have to quit. You can keep playing by re-buying at an amount of $2.49.

In the blackjack tournament, you play for a percentage of the pot. You probably figured that by the not-clever name. The top 41 players in the tournament will get a prize, so you have pretty good chances of ending up with something if you are a good blackjack player.

The tournament is played on the Perfect Pair Blackjack game. That is an online blackjack game that includes the perfect pairs side bet. In that side bet, you earn extra money if you draw a pair in your first two cards. There are three kinds of pairs, including the perfect pair, colored pair and mixed pair. To play in the blackjack tournament, stop by Go Casino before it ends on Saturday night.

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