It’s okay to take a break!

For most people, this goes without saying, but I want to say it anyway. It’s okay to take a break in blackjack, even if you’re on a hot streak. Recently there was a case of a woman who was playing blackjack at a Las Vegas casino for 15 straight hours. She didn’t want to leave, even for a bathroom break, because she was on such a hot streak. Before long, the manager had to escort her out of the casino because a foul smell was bothering others in the casino. Considering that she had gone more than 15 hours without a bathroom break, you can probably guess what the smell was.

Things like this happen are not as rare as you might think, though, so it’s important to point out how unnecessary it is. Streaks happen in blackjack, but your odds, in the long run, don’t change if you stick to basic strategy. If you’re counting cards, you want to keep playing while there are a lot of unplayed ten cards. Otherwise, even if you’re on a hot streak, there’s no reason you can’t walk away for a bit. Your odds will be the same when you return.

The woman refused to leave because she was superstitious and didn’t want to give up her seat or sit out a hand. That’s ridiculous, but to a gambling addict, it seems perfectly normal. Prolonged periods of time spent gambling without taking a break are a warning sign of problem gambling, so even if you aren’t having bowel problems like that woman, if you are playing too long, that might be a sign that you need help. Playing that long without a break can’t be fun, anyway, and why are you playing if you’re not having fun? Blackjack is a fun game and certainly shouldn’t be looked at as a way of making money. That’s investing, which is not the same as gambling. So if you need a break, take one, no matter how the cards are playing out.

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