How I choose online casinos

If you’re like me, you hate comparison shopping. For me, it’s painful going around test-driving cars, looking at new apartments, checking prices for appliances at different stores and all of that. I would almost rather pay more for something the first place I see it. Therefore, the prospect of finding a good online casino to frequent, given the thousands of options, isn’t exciting one.

With that in mind, I was able to find a way to narrow down my choices and choose casinos for my blackjack needs. First of all, I realized that there are lots of great websites that I will never try. That’s okay. I started by making a list of reputable casinos – online casinos that had earned licenses and reputations for being generous, safe and trustworthy. Casino review websites, consumer reports and government agencies can help with that. Also, if the casino isn’t licensed and approved by a recognized regulatory authority, I’m not taking a risk on them.

After that, I look for a casino with some good blackjack games. Blackjack is my game of choice, so although I will occasionally play games like roulette and slots, I don’t really care how good the slot selection is at the casino. I care about blackjack. Do they have a few variations or just the standard game?

The next thing I look for is whether the casino offers blackjack tournaments. Most online casinos offer tournaments for slots, but only a small percentage have blackjack tournaments. That is because they are not as popular or profitable for the casino. I love playing in tournaments, though, especially if the casino offers head-to-head tournaments. If an online casino has a good variety of blackjack tournaments that run frequently (preferably every week), that is a good sign for me.

The other thing I check out are the promotions. I don’t even worry about the welcome bonus too much, because you’re only going to get that once – when you first join. I look for online casinos that frequently reward repeat customers with cash-back bonuses, match bonuses and more. Good bonuses help you make the most of your money, and an online casino that has those, tournaments, a good selection and is safe and fair is going to get my business.

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