California casino sues over video of brawl

A California casino is suing an unknown individual over video footage that they allege was illegally obtained, illegally published and detrimental to their business. Lucky Chances Casino, located in the Bay area, filed a lawsuit over two videos that have appeared on YouTube.

The two videos, titled “Casino Fight 555” and “Casino Fight 333,” show physical altercations taking place on the casino floor while customers are playing blackjack. Initially it was believed that the videos were taken with a camera phone. However, given the birds-eye view and the time and date stamp, it is now believed that the video was recorded from the casino’s closed-circuit security camera feeds.

Publishing a video taken inside private business without the consent of the business is illegal, as is stealing security footage. By releasing the footage without Lucky Chances Casino’s consent, the unknown individual has already broken the law. In addition, the casino says that the videos have been bad for their business because they portray the casino as a dangerous place. With that in mind, the individual could be sued for the loss of revenue resulting from the videos as well as possibly defamation.

At this point, it seems that the casino does not know who they are suing. The uploader of the YouTube videos is identified on the website as only “rick5x5.” It is likely that the court will subpoena YouTube to obtain the name of the poster and the person’s actual name will be put on the lawsuit.

All of this is interesting, but it also brings up another advantage of playing blackjack online. If you play at an online casino, you don’t have to worry about any violence on the casino floor. It’s true that violence is rare and when it happens, it’s usually the security taking care of a player who needs to be subdued. Even so, you can avoid any possibility by playing at home. You also don’t have to worry about being on videotape and then released on YouTube if you play from home.

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