Online Blackjack Advantages: Better Rules

There are a number of advantages to playing blackjack at online casinos rather than at brick and mortar casinos. One of those advantages is that online casinos sometimes offer better rules. It seems that standard blackjack rules are no longer standard, and the rules are getting worse in land casinos.

In the past, you could take it for granted that the casino would pay out 3:2 for a blackjack. However, with casinos hurting for cash, many are turning to 6:5 payouts, and that is for multi-hand games. It has gotten to the point where blackjack tables with low limits and 3:2 payouts are becoming hard to find in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other popular destinations.

It’s not just the blackjack payout, either. Casinos are going away from player friendly rules such as having the dealer stand on a soft 17, allowing surrender and more. While the blackjack rules in brick and mortar casinos are getting worse, those in online casinos are staying the same for the most part.

That is because online casinos have a much lower overhead. They have no large building that they have to pay for. They have a smaller staff. They don’t have to offer drinks, food or any of the other perks of gambling on the Strip. Because they have fewer costs, online casinos can offer better rules for blackjack and still make money. If you find an online casino that doesn’t have good rules, then don’t play there. With thousands of online casinos available with the click of a mouse, there is no excuse for playing a blackjack game with bad rules.

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