Playboy casino heading to London

I realize that I’m old-fashioned, but I have always thought that Playboy and blackjack go together. Table games and casino gambling tend to be an activity for middle to upper-class men, the same demographic of Playboy Entertainment, which is much more than just the magazine. A dapper man in a fancy suit or tuxedo playing at the blackjack table seems to be exactly what Hugh Hefner thinks of when he thinks of his enterprise. After all, the word playboy means a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. That includes women, fine wine and cocktails, casino games and more. For that reason, I think it’s good that Playboy is bringing a casino back to London.

In the early sixties, a Playboy Club casino was one of the most popular gentlemen’s destinations in London, but the club went out of business in 1981. Decades later, a Playboy casino is coming back. Though it is currently in the planning stages, Playboy Entertainment is joining London Clubs International in order to open a club in Mayfair. They hope the new casino will open its doors next spring.

In the new casino, you can expect to find plenty of blackjack tables, poker rooms, craps tables, baccarat and more. It will also be staffed by Playboy bunnies, those iconic dealers and waitresses in the satin bodysuit with the ears and fluffy tail. On a side note, those bunnies are probably the hottest women on the planet, so I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing them in a casino. I can’t think of a better place to play a nice game of 21.

The Playboy casino is likely to be an exclusive club available to members only. Here’s hoping I can get myself on that list. Hmm…Maybe I can write a review of your casino?

London is the next stop for a Playboy casino, but it isn’t the only new location in their plans. They also plan to open clubs in Cancun, Mexico; Macau, China and Miami, Florida (U.S.).

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