Want to Play Blackjack on TV with Carlton?

Okay, I have an admission to make. I had no idea the game show Catch 21 existed. Apparently it’s been on TV for 3 years, but I had never heard of it until today. The truth is, while I love blackjack and enjoy playing it at online casinos and in Vegas, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV. When I do watch TV, it’s not game shows.

It turns out that Catch 21 is a game show that will soon be taping its 4th season on the Game Show Network, which commonly goes by the name GSN, probably because they think it sounds cooler (it does). Again, in all honesty, I didn’t know that channel existed, but I checked my cable guide and sure enough, there it is.

Anyway, GSN is holding auditions for the upcoming season of their show. They have released a casting call asking for talent. Here is what it says:

The hit game show ”Catch 21” is back for it’s 4th season.   We are looking for HIGHLY COMPETITIVE, VERY outgoing, FUN contestants with a GREAT personality, and who know how to play ”blackjack.”  We need 20s to 40s, all genders and races in the greater Los Angeles area.    You can win ”BIG” and have fun!!!

Yes, it is written exactly like that, with all of the all-caps words, grammatical errors and everything, at least in the casting call that I found online. Anyway, if you are in Los Angeles or want to work there for this reality show and you love blackjack, game shows and all of that stuff, this could be a great idea.

I still didn’t know what the show was, though, so I visited GSN’s website, where I learned that the show will be hosted by Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (whose real name seems to be Alfonso Ribeiro). That makes the deal sound even better, because I have fond memories of that show – my kids couldn’t get enough of it.

But aside from hanging out with Carlton, what else would you do? GSN’s website didn’t offer much more information than the casting call, which basically just said that the show requires “a combination of trivia talent and card-counting cleverness.”

To learn more, I found the Wikipedia page for Catch 21.  Since it’s Wikipedia, it might not be true, but here’s what I learned. The show is a standard trivia type of game show except that the goal, instead of earning points, is to get a blackjack hand of up to 21 without going over. Players start out with one card and can only draw other cards when they answer a question correctly. By buzzing in before the other contestants and getting the question right, they can take another card. Instead of competing against the dealer, the players compete against each other. So basically it’s a trivia game that uses the gameplay of blackjack to determine a winner instead of simply who has the most points. Sounds pretty cool to me and I don’t even like game shows.

So if you like trivia games and blackjack, you should respond to the casting call for a chance to hang out with Carlton on the GSN. Maybe he’ll even do the dance for you (probably not).

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