The Robin Hood of Blackjack

The Robin Hood of Poker is back at it. No, I didn’t come up with that nickname. He calls himself that. A professional blackjack player who only goes by the name of “RobinHood702” is trying to help those in need. A year ago he created the website On the site, the player is offering to help a lucky family by paying off their debt. To do so, Robin Hood will play high-stakes blackjack and use the winnings to pay off the debt of the lucky winners. For a chance to have Robin Hood play blackjack on their behalf, people should visit his website and tell him their story, financial situation, and how much money they need.

There are sure to be plenty of sob stories given out this year, so I hope Robin Hood has his reading glasses handy. With a global recession that has left more than 10% of Americans unemployed, there are a lot of people out there who need some help. Now, if he were really like Robin Hood, then he would be stealing money from the rich and giving it to the poor, but that would be immoral, right? (Now there’s an ethical question for you). However, I’m assuming that this blackjack pro won’t be cheating in the casinos. Instead, I figure that he’s just really good at the game and is confident that he can win the money necessary. Or at least I hope so. Otherwise, anyone who sends their story to him on that website could be considered co-conspirators to a theft.

Seriously, though this is a great thing and exactly what the world needs right now. It seems that this blackjack pro is really into the spirit of giving and one can only hope that others will follow suit. Last year, after going through thousands of submissions, Robin Hood decided to help the Kegler family in Detroit, who had accumulated $35,000 of debt by paying for their 3-year-old daughter’s treatments for brain cancer.

A friend of Robin Hood’s, Dr. Schulze, was so touched when he met the Kegler family last year that he will also be helping pay off the debt of one family. Therefore, there will be two families selected to have their debt paid off on the RobinHood702 site, one by Robin Hood and one by Dr. Schulze. Here’s hoping this trend will catch on.

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