A Word on Blackjack Cheats

I don’t know how many times I’ve come across an article online about how to cheat at blackjack. They’re all over the place and it gets me mad every time I see it. Those articles usually start with a disclaimer that says they don’t condone cheating or that you can get in trouble if you’re caught cheating, but then they give you all of the information you need to go out there and do it.

We would never tell you to cheat at blackjack and think it’s wrong to cheat, but if you wanted to do it, here’s how! Simply follow our step-by-step guide and you will be an expert blackjack cheat in no time!

It is irresponsible for blackjack guides to tell people how to cheat and it pains me that so many of my competitors do that. I will never advocate or give you information that will help you cheat in blackjack.

There are two reasons not to be a blackjack cheat. The first is that cheating is wrong. There are many justifications that people have for cheating at casinos and I have written extensively about the psychology behind cheating. However, what it comes down to is that the game of blackjack is either a fair game or it is not. If it’s not fair then why are you playing it at all? Cheating in order to “make the game more fair” is just an excuse, because blackjack already has the lowest house edge in the casino. When you use proper basic strategy it can be lowered to 0.5%. If you also count cards, which isn’t cheating, then the player can actually gain an advantage over the house.

So if the game is already fair, why would it be okay for you to not play by the rules? Those rules are good enough for everyone else. Besides, when you enter a casino and sit at a table, you are in essence agreeing to the terms of that table and promising to play by the rules. Think of it as an unwritten contract.

Not only that, but blackjack cheating actually hurts other players as well. Think about it. Unless you’ve been living in a cave (and if you have, how are you reading this?) then you know that most of the world has been in a recession. As a result, companies all across the globe are losing money. The hardest-hit industries have been those of leisure and luxury, which would include casinos. Gambling isn’t a necessity, so trips to the casino are one of the first things people do away with when cutting back on expenses. As a result, casinos across the world are losing money.

Casinos don’t like losing money. Therefore, when the money they’re losing gets out of hand, they tend to make changes to make more money. Those changes can come in the form of getting rid of some of their comps, raising the rates for their rooms, and of course changing the rules in their games to increase the house edge. When that happens, you and other blackjack players suffer. So if you cheat in order to “break the casino” or whatever you’re trying to do, don’t think of the casino as an evil corporation that wants to take your money. Think of it as a business that provides you and other blackjack players entertainment and if they lose too much money, they will either provide less entertainment or may go out of business altogether.

So that is one reason not to be a blackjack cheat. The other reason is much more simple and easy to understand: There are severe consequences if you are caught. If you’re caught cheating, you will be banned from the casino, possibly every casino in that chain, and maybe even from gambling in that city again. Not only that, you will most likely face criminal charges (felony fraud, most likely) and could end up spending years behind bars, aside from having to pay a fine and restitution to the casino. Cheating isn’t worth risking all of that.

So I repeat: Do not cheat at blackjack. And you online casino writers out there, don’t tell people how to do it. For those who do, shame on you.

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