Interblock Releases Organic Blackjack Machines

There is a new way to play blackjack in a casino without the need for a dealer. Interblock has released new blackjack gaming stations that are part of their G4 Organic Products series. The stations are a combination of “mechanical and electronic engineering” and are the first machines “capable of shuffling and dealing real cards in a blackjack game,” according to Interblock.

The organic blackjack machines are sophisticated tables with up to seven stations, just like the seats at a traditional blackjack table. The machines use a random number generator software program to determine the order of the cards and shuffles them accordingly. Using the new tables, players can enjoy their favorite game of blackjack without needing a dealer.

One benefit of these new tables is that they allow blackjack to be played in jurisdictions where lives games are not allowed. Some jurisdictions allow only “arcade style” gaming, which includes slots, video poker and more. Traditional table games like blackjack and roulette are not allowed. Since it is an electronic version with no dealer, however, Interblock’s organic blackjack machines would be allowed in many of these jurisdictions. For the last year they have been used in Slovenia, Jamaica and Spain, for instance.

The G4 organic blackjack machines offer the exact same gameplay and rules as in traditional blackjack, including doubling and splitting, et cetera, and can be played where live-dealer games are not allowed. Since it uses real cards, the games should be more exciting than the virtual video blackjack games. In addition to blackjack, Interblock also has G4 organic machines for roulette, craps, keno, baccarat and more. Additional information and a full catalog can be found at the website of Interblock’s parent company, Elektroncek.

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