Casino College to Train the Unemployed

Blackjack is a great game and by far my favorite casino game. It has the lowest house edge when played with the proper strategy and if you count cards (which of course I’m not telling you to do) then you can actually flip the odds in your favor. But even so, most players will lose…a lot. That’s why they call it gambling.

Blackjack is a game that has a combination of skill and chance. Therefore, even if you’re the most skilled player and play perfect strategy, you can lose if you are dealt bad times. It can be frustrating, especially watching the dealer win hand after hand. You might be thinking, I wish I was the dealer, since they seem to win a lot.

Well, good news, a casino college can help with that. The ABC School of Bartending and Casino College has been gaining attention as employment in most states is in double digits. In particular, the school located in Farmington, Michigan has been getting some press as it trains laid-off workers in the Great Lakes State as well as those in neighboring Ohio.

Students at the college learn a variety of casino skills, including dealing cards, counting chips, managing the games, and more. Gambling in Michigan was expanded in 1996 and Ohio voters passed a constitutional amendment in November 2009 allowing casinos in four of their major cities. With so many people out of work, learning new skills is a good idea, if you can afford the enrollment. Learning to be a croupier is certainly a marketable skill.

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