Update on the Robin Hood of Blackjack

Lady Greice

Earlier I told you about one of the genuine good guys in the blackjack community, an anonymous professional player who goes by the alias of RobinHood702. And, to toot my own horn, I scooped Fox News and all of the major media outlets, who reported on it a few days after me (though I was not the first online source to report on it).

In 2008, Blackjack’s Robin Hood used money won in a blackjack tournament to pay off a couple’s $35,000 debt due to brain cancer treatments for their daughter. This year, he is again looking for someone in need and has received thousands of responses on his website, RobinHood702.com. This time, a friend who witnessed Robin Hood’s earlier act of kindness, Dr. Richard Schulze, is also helping out, though he’s paying out of his pocket rather than playing blackjack for the money.

They still have not selected the lucky family to help this year, but in the meantime Schulze has donated to a group in Los Angeles that helps homeless children. Both Schulze and Robin Hood are working with the Miami Project, who gives financial aid to people with spinal cord injuries.

The process of choosing the beneficiaries of this charity is taking so long because of the large amount of submissions. Robin Hood stated that each story is heart-breaking and choosing one is incredibly difficult, not to mention the overwhelming volume of submissions. That’s why they’re asking for your help. Schulze told Fox News that they “need more merry men and women to step up and help out. A few have come forward, but not nearly enough.” So if anyone reading this has the financial ability to help, be sure to visit Robin Hood’s website to find out how you can help.

Robin Hood stated that they should select the winners in the next couple of months and fly them to Las Vegas for the tournament. While in Vegas, all expenses will be paid by Robin Hood and Schulze. It has also been announced that a woman who goes by the alias of Lady Greice will be sent to the chosen families to tell them the good news. Robin Hood said that “when you see the face of Lady Greice on your doorstep, then you’ll know you’ve been chosen and your life is about to change for the better.”

If you didn’t notice the picture of Lady Greice, look above. I can tell you that if she arrives on my doorstep, my life has changed for the better even if I’m not getting any money from Robin Hood. In fact, she can come by anytime, even without money.

I really hope my wife didn’t read this article.

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