European iGaming Expo & Congress Scheduled

EiG or the European iGaming Congress & Expo will be offering its newest updates in the online gambling industry with its definitive business event for 2013. The iGaming conference is deemed to offer tons of benefits especially for players and bookmakers who want new and dynamic formats, rife with additional gaming features and powerful bookmaking content to all operators. The information and features offered in the casino conference are aimed at helping deliver and enhance bookmaking brands of exhibitors, delegates and stakeholders in the industry. There are various changes and modifications in the bookmaking arena that would be implemented including for classic games such as blackjack, video slots and poker among others. The innovations are to make sure that all bookmaking properties and operations have a secured and guaranteed future ahead.

There are new agendas for the EiG conference featuring designs and innovations tailored to cater to the needs of the bookmaking public as designed by the organizers. There are various delegates expected to take part in this big event in the Internet gaming arena which include senior executives and top officials of big and reputable casinos in the virtual wagering world. More news and updates regarding EiG are expected to hit the online mainstream and in sites including The EiG 2013 conference is in answer to the needs and requests for more targeted and smaller learning sessions among bookmaker operators and top executives. There are 11 workshops along with networking groups with only 50 delegates to attend so that more limited slots mean more concentrated and strategic learning.

The EiG offers dynamic program for organizers and platforms designed for entrepreneurs in the bookmaking industry. Portfolio Director and main figure during the EiG event, Kate Chambers commented that the best roster of gaming brands will be established through a constant process of evolution and evaluation. There would be tackled relevant topics and compelling discussions that would be very useful and critical for the customers and bookmaking industry. The EiG is a big and one of the most anticipated events in the European wagering niche with focus on classic and new gaming features including blackjack, poker, table and card games.

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