California may be Next to Legalize Internet Gambling

US online blackjack and poker enthusiasts have frequented Google, checking every now and then if their state already has considered legalizing such activities. The US has been introducing legislation that would allow the Internet gambling state by state. Now that Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey have the regulations in place, it appears like California is the next in line. There are other states as well that are gearing up for their own version of Internet gambling legalization like Pennsylvania. What makes California a lot different from the others is the Silicon Valley that has long prepared for the potential opening of the market. Companies have started working on possible offerings for social gaming and developed software for online casino games even before the state considered passing the Bill 678.

There have been talks about online poker legalization in California. However, it has been stalled by some stakeholders who want to get a big cut from the gambling pie. The Senate Bill 678 that was introduced by Senator Lou Correa represents the latest effort for the Internet gambling law in California. Among the largest gambling industry in California is run and operated by tribes. They are one of the reasons why there has been slow development in the pushing of online blackjack, casino and poker legislation in the state. In fact, the recently proposed bill has already been the third time in the past three years.

However, the bill’s content has not been disclosed yet. There is no clear detail whether it limits the legalization of Internet poker or also allows other table games, including blackjack online. Nevertheless, the framework is expected to outline a comprehensive guideline for the potential industry. It is expected though that the responsibility for running and controlling the market will be vested upon the California gaming commission. Although it may take a long time for the law to be set in place, the fact that it is being reintroduced gives hope to both players and operators. Most importantly, this is such great news to companies at Silicon Valley that already had offered their Internet gambling product and services to offshore operators while its own residents can’t get a taste of it.

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