Sky City Pays Out

At the Sky City Auckland casino one man is incredibly happy and lucky this evening. One would think that at the casino you would want to check out first to see if you could get some tips on playing the game, but it does not appear that he needed that extra help. A man was playing Caribbean Stud Poker and he had played $5 to win. He managed to get a royal flush, which then made his $5, $600K in the blink of an eye. Considering the fact that the chances of being dealt a Royal Flush are 650,000 to one, this is incredible news for the player and for the casino. When the hand was dealt onlookers said that they were all excited and could not believe it, while the man that had won was sitting there in shock – he could not believe that he had actually won that much money.

You often see things like this on places like, but you never expect it to happen while you are there, and many remarked that they were very excited that they were a part of that moment. They said that there were six of these tables and that they were all paying into one pot. The $5 however, is the smallest amount that you can wager, so it is pretty remarkable that he is the one that won. Those in attendance said that about 30 people had surrounded him and that the staff came and checked his cards, then asked those around to delete any photos that they had taken of the event. They then took the player away to discuss his winnings, and paid him by check. They remarked that the casino does not pay out big wins like this in cash. This is not new for the online casino, this sort of pay out. They have been known in the past to pay out big winners at their blackjack tables as well, and their pay outs are one of the reasons that they are doing so well.

Interestingly enough the win was on the evening of Gamble Free Day and the Liberal Party spent the next day telling people about the dangers of gambling and why it should be limited. They discussed the deal that Sky City had to bring in more machines and they talked about why it was important that this not happen for according to Green Party spokesperson Denise Roche, “Increasing the number of pokie machines at Sky City will inevitably lead to more problem gambling.”

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