My Wife Hates Live Dealer Blackjack

My wife hates live dealer blackjack. Or more specifically, she hates it when I play the games. She says they are exploitative or sexist or something like that and she asks why the dealer couldn’t be a man. Or an old, big-boned woman.

I like the live dealer games. Playing blackjack online instead of at a land casino always caused a sort of disconnect. It was just you against a computer program with no human component. No other players at your table. No dealer to talk to. Live dealer games changed that. With live dealer blackjack at some of the best online casinos, you can watch a live video feed of a real dealer and even interact with them via chat while you play.

My wife says things like “why are all of the dealers attractive women? Are all blackjack classes at modeling schools?” I just she’s just jealous because my wife, though lovely, is about a decade beyond her prime. Don’t get me wrong. She still looks good, but not long ago she was a real head-turner. I think she resents these young ladies who deal my cards getting my attention. But what she needs to understand is that once I turn the computer off, those dealers are gone, but my wife is still there. Hey, it’s not like I’m playing strip blackjack (though there’s a cool Android App for that).

I love playing live-dealer blackjack and it’s not because I like staring at their chest while I play. Well, it’s not entirely because of that. It’s mostly because the games are more personable, more human. They make me feel alive. Those dealers can never compare with my wife, though, because no matter how good they look, they’ll never cook me a chicken pot pie.

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