Is Playing Blackjack Online Better

In the beginning, any casino games online paled in comparison to their offline counterparts. You simply couldn’t duplicate the excitement and atmosphere. Though in some ways that is still the case, things are changing. You don’t have to be a regular reader of to know that technology is developing exponentially faster than ever before, including in the online gambling industry. The technological advancements change the game entirely.

Now when people go to a website to play a little online blackjack, they can play against a live dealer via a video feed and chat system. They can communicate with the other players at the table. In blackjack tournaments they can compete directly against other players as they try to win prize money. The blackjack software is faster, smoother, and more lifelike.

All of that means that online blackjack is becoming more and more like the offline version of the game. With the entertainment gap shrinking, online blackjack is becoming the best way to play the game. As noted on, when you play online you already have the advantage of being able to play at your own pace, no matter how fast or slow that is. If you want a rapidly paced game, you can play as fast as you want. If you want to play slow so you can study a basic strategy chart and analyze each move, that is also an option.

As online blackjack becomes more social and includes more interactive features, it will increase in popularity. I doubt that land casinos will ever be completely replaced by online casinos. After all, you can’t replicate having a night out on the town. Still, online blackjack is here to stay and some day may be as popular as playing the game offline.


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