Tips for Real Money Online Blackjack

A great thing about the game of blackjack is that it is one where a skilled player has a pretty good chance of making money. Adhering to basic strategy can reduce the house edge to only 0.5% over the long run. Also, the strategy isn’t overly complicated and won’t take as long to learn as poker games.

Most online casinos allow you to play free blackjack games for play money. You can get used to the game and using basic strategy before putting any real money on the game. Once you decide to play at online casinos for real money, though, it is time to be careful when it comes to your play.

Make sure you use blackjack basic strategy when playing for real money. It may not seem like it pays off early on, but in the long run it gives you the best odds. Another important thing to remember is that if you took the time to learn how to count cards, that works great in a brick and mortar casino, but it will do you no good online. Counting cards online will only lead to you losing more money through unwise betting. Instead, it is best to stick to flat betting and basic strategy.

Card counting doesn’t work online because of the random number generator. As explained on the webpage at, a random number generator is a computer program that creates hundreds of number sequences every second, with each number standing for a card that would be drawn. The RNG makes the drawing of cards random, like the roll of a dice, so counting cards won’t help you predict what card will be drawn.

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