Resorts Casino CEO Catches Thief

Dennis Gomes, the CEO of Resorts Casino, has been in the news and in the gambling blogs a lot today. The controversial figure has been praised and criticized for his business strategies, but even his opponents have to agree that catching thieves is a good thing for the industry.

On Friday, Gomes was eating dinner with his wife at Capriccio, one of the restaurants on the casino’s Atlantic City property. While waiting for the dinner to be served, he noticed a suspicious man walk into the restaurant. Gomes, it should be noted, worked as a police officer for years before getting into the business world. Gomes saw the man bend down to tie his shoe and then get up and start walking away carrying a case that he did not have when he entered the casino.

Gomes then got up from his table and ran after the man, who fled the scene. When being chased up an escalator, the man tossed the case over the side as a distraction. Gomes continued to chase the suspect, though. In a scene right out of an action movie, the man tried to lose Gomes by running down the up escalator, against the flow of pedestrian traffic, and then bolted for the exit one he got to the floor. Gomes, who used to be a sprinter, chased him and got the attention of a security guard. Gomes and the security guard grabbed the man before he could exit the casino.

The man was arrested. He was identified as Anthony Roberts, who had previously been released from prison for a theft sentence. According to Gomes and the Atlantic City authorities, Roberts tried to steal a case belonging to a woman dining at the restaurant. The case was found to be containing CDs, baby powder and other personal items of little monetary value.

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