Blackjack Speed of Play

Though it often goes overlooked, your speed of play in blackjack has a lot to do with what happens to your bankroll. When you play blackjack, finding a table with good rules is essential, as is knowing basic strategy and not playing while distracted. Having control of the speed of play is important as well.

The game of blackjack has a house advantage, which means during each hand the casino is more likely to come out ahead than you are. In the long run, the casino will take approximately 0.5% of your bet if you follow perfect basic strategy. Since it’s a percentage, the amount of money you win or lose is determined by how many hands you play. Therefore, the more hands you play during the night, the more money you stand to lose.

For that reason, you should stay away from things that speed up the game. That includes continuous shuffle machines, which allows the shuffling of cards without the dealer having to stop. That also means you should stay away from tables with several empty seats if there are other blackjack tables that are full. The more players are at the table, the more time it takes to go through each hand.

Conversely, it’s possible to actually have the odds in your favor if you are counting cards. Expert card counters can play blackjack and have the advantage on their side. If that is the case, you would want to do the opposite, favoring tables where you can go through hands faster, if that still gives you time to count. If you are newer to card counting, it is even more important to have a slower table because that gives you more time to count the cards.

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