Casino Comps

One of the great things about playing blackjack at online casinos is the bonuses you can receive. Online casinos offer a wide variety of cash-back bonuses, deposit match bonuses and more as a way of rewarding your loyalty. Brick and mortar casinos, like in Las Vegas, aren’t able to do that, but they do offer comps.

“Comps” are the complimentary gifts given by the casino to its guests. Not everyone gets them and not every casino offers them. To receive comps, you have to be a member of the casino’s loyalty club. Members of that club are given a card or some other form of identification. The casino then keeps track of your betting and rewards you with things like free food, a free hotel stay, free drinks, a reduced hotel rate and more.

With online casino bonuses, the rewards are the same for everyone. If it is offering a 50% match bonus on deposits, everyone will get the same thing. That is not the case with comps at brick and mortar casinos. Those are tailored to each individual player.

The casinos have a formula that they use to calculate comps. In short, they make sure the value of your comps doesn’t exceed the amount you are expected to lose in the casino. If it does, then they lost money by serving you. The casinos use a formula where they calculate your wager amounts, the length of time that you play, and the casino advantage for the games you play. Based on that, combined with other factors, they decided how much money they expect you to lose during your stay at the casino. The casino then makes sure the comps don’t exceed that value. That way, the comps are a good incentive for you to continue playing there but don’t actually cost the casino money.

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