NC Voters Want Table Games

A plan to allow tribal casinos in North Carolina to carry live table games has broad support from voters, according to a recent study. Today the John W. Pope Civitas Institute released the results of a poll, saying that 64% of North Carolina voters approve of allowing the casino to carry live table games, including blackjack.

Currently the Cherokee Native American Reservation, located in the western part of North Carolina, has a gambling license that allows them to carry electronic gaming machines in their casino. Blackjack, roulette and other table games are much more popular and fun when played live rather than on a machine. For that reason, there is a proposal to allow the Cherokee to offer those games at the casino. That proposal is supported by most of the state’s voters, according to the Civitas Institute.

According to the poll, 64% of all North Carolina voters support live table games at the casino, while only 26% oppose the idea. The other 10% did not have an opinion. The support is also bipartisan, with no major difference among political parties. For Republican voters, 60% approve and 33% disapprove, for Democrats it is a 65% approval versus a 22% disapproval. Voters with no party affiliation support table games 68% to 23%.

According to a study by the University of North Carolina, adding table games to the casino would create 400 casino jobs. In addition, it would increase business at nearby restaurants and hotels. With most of the state’s voters approving of the proposal, there is a good chance that the legislature will vote to allow the Cherokee Nation to renegotiate its compact with the state to allow blackjack and other live table games.

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