Maine Looks to Legalize Blackjack

In the last couple years, many states have looked at adding blackjack tables and other table games to their slots casinos. Now Maine is the latest to join in on the action. Earlier this month, the governor signed a bill that would allow table games if the voters approve. Now politicians, casinos and lobbyists are working to convince the public that it is a good idea.

This week a new special interest group formed calling itself the Prenobscot County for Table Games and Jobs Coalition. They are launching a campaign calling for blackjack, roulette and  other table games to be allowed at the Hollywood Slots casino in Bangor, Maine. The group says adding blackjack tables would increase traffic to the casino, increase jobs and increase revenue for the government.

Currently table games are banned by state law. However, the bill signed by Governor Paul LePage placed the question of amending the law to allow table games on the November ballot. Voters will then decide on the referendum and if it is approved, the law will be amended and blackjack will come to the state of Maine. The general manager of Hollywood Slots, John Osborne, is hoping the voters approve table games. If so, he predicts that it will add 100 jobs.

Referendums like this have a good success rate. Since the casino is already there offering slot machines, there isn’t much reason to turn down its ability to offer more games, even if you are against gambling. If the referendum is approved, Maine could have its first blackjack tables in 2013.

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