Blackjack Tip: Avoid New Strategies

As long as there has been gambling, there have been people trying to sell you their secret to beating the game. They say they know a new betting system that will ensure that you beat the house. Or they say they figured out a new strategy that gives you better odds and can make you unstoppable. There is one thing you need to do when confronted with those people: Stay away.

Surf the Web enough and you will find lots of websites where someone is selling a system for beating blackjack. It is a new strategy that gives you the edge and is way better than basic strategy or card counting. Of course, they won’t tell you what it is right away. You have to pay for their e-book or their print book. Sometimes they’re rather expensive. In all cases, it’s a rip-off.

Basic blackjack strategy is tested and found to be true. Mathematicians have determined that it gives you the best odds of winning. If you want to increase the odds, you can add card counting to basic strategy, but any miracle strategy that ensures you beat the house and walk away with lots of money is a scam. Let me put it this way: If the system worked, more people would be using it. Enough people would have bought that book and tried it in the casino for it to have caught on. It would be all over the news and all over gambling blogs like this one. If there was a new blackjack strategy that worked, you would know. Any strategies that people are trying to sell you are no better than snake oil and should be treated the same.


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