Blackjack Strategy: Hard 8 or Less

Earlier I covered the strategy for soft hands step by step. The strategy for hard hands is a little more basic and easier to follow, since you don’t have the variable of an ace that can either count for one or 11 points. All of your decisions for hard hands can be determined by memorizing the blackjack basic strategy chart. For more in-depth information, though, here is what to do with a hard 8 or less.

You should always hit a hard 8 or less, regardless of what cards the dealer shows. You should never double and never stand. The reason you don’t double down is that when you do, you can only receive one more card. If you have a hard 8 or less, you are likely to need more than one extra card. In addition, when you have a hard 8 or less, your next card does not give you favorable enough odds to risk the extra money.

Another reason to hit a hard 8 or less is that you cannot bust on this hand. Even if you have an 8 and draw the highest possible card (a 10-value card), you still only have 18. Therefore, there is no risk in taking a hit here.

I know that one is really easy, but things will get tougher. Next I will let you know what to do if you have a hard 9.

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