Atlantic City Casinos Turn to Party Pits

I’ve written about so-called “party pits” before, and I’m kind of torn about them. I like scantily clad women, but I also am a serious blackjack player who doesn’t want a whole lot of distractions. Now it seems that Atlantic City is turning to party pits as the next big thing.

If you’re not familiar with party pits, it’s basically adding sex appeal to the casino floor. Different casinos do it different ways. Some use go-go dancers putting on a show on stage. Some use more risqué pole dancing. For others, there are no dancers, but the cocktail waitresses, bartenders and dealers in the pit are attractive and scantily clad women.

The purpose behind party pits is twofold. First, it attracts younger players, who might not otherwise be interested in going to the casino to sit at a table and play some blackjack. Secondly, hot women in bustiers, corsets, bikinis, pasties or whatever they’re wearing can easily distract some players. A distracted player doesn’t do as good a job of making decisions, which helps the casino. Now, a great blackjack player can tune all of that out and only focus on the cards, but your average player will see their bankroll suffer for it.

Sex appeal has always been a part of the Las Vegas Strip, but it has largely been absent from Atlantic City. With the industry struggling and a new tourism district trying to bring in new customers, the Jersey casinos are trying to carve out a new niche, though. For some, it means selling sex appeal. The Tropicana Casino, which made headlines for two hot players taking them for $11 million over two months, is now using bustier-clad blackjack and roulette dealers in a party pit. The Resorts Casino recently changed to a Roaring Twenties theme, including having cocktail waitresses wear controversial sexy flapper girl costumes. Recently Trump Plaza switched the costume for its dealers to lingerie. Of course, the first and most famous was the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, which features servers in bustiers, heels and bolero jackets. Whether you like the new sexy image of casinos or not, it seems to be a growing trend in Atlantic City.

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